Creatio and the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) provide a discount on their core services in the run up to FAB’s Autumn conference which will be sponsored again by Creatio

Creatio is pleased to announce a new joint offering with the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) in the run up to FAB’s Autumn conference which Creatio is proud to be sponsoring again.
Both organisations are offering a 15% discount in July, 10% in August and 5% in September if you purchase and exchange agreements on any of the following:
  • Any of Creatio’s specialist consultancy services which span areas such as independent audits; providing support in applying new regulatory requirements; minimising risks of regulatory difficulties and possible non-compliance or addressing audit findings or sanctions; reviewing emerging Centre Assessment Standards Scrutiny (CASS) arrangements; supporting organisations gain regulatory recognition and reviewing internal governance activities.
  • The purchase fee of Creatio’s creatiogreen solution which covers all aspects of an AO or EPAO’s core processes and helps them delivery their approach to regulatory compliance.  The solution has features which support and evidence an organisations’ approach to every one of the General Conditions.  It also has an incredible range of configureable and flexible tools to help organisations efficiently deliver, manage and evidence their approach to meeting the new CASS requirements which are coming into force this Autumn.
  • FAB membership which provides a wide range of services to members, such as keeping members up to date with the latest regulatory and other industry news through two informative weekly newsletters ‘QualsMatter’ and ‘EPA Weekly’ and a fortnightly webinar.  Other services include access to a range of member communities such as on regulation, EPA and apprenticeships, T-levels, international and technology in assessment. Members also receive discounts on events, conferences and training delivered through the Federation’s Awarding and Assessment Academy.
To obtain the discounts, organisations who are members of FAB can get a discount code from them to quote to Creatio when purchasing one of their services above and if you work with Creatio you can obtain a discount code from them to quote when purchasing FAB membership.
To find out more about the specialist services Creatio and FAB provide and this limited offer, contact either organisation on the details provided below.

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