Creatio launches the new Creatio Inspire Series

Creatio launches the new Creatio Inspire Series

At Creatio, we have always focussed on doing things better than our competitors, offering our clients a great service and going much further than a typical IT supplier. Today, as part of this approach, we are launching the new Creatio Inspire Series. In this series we have used our knowledge and experience to give some hints and tips on how to use our ever evolving and wonderfully configurable system, creatiogreen, to support different areas of our client’s businesses.


The first paper in the series covers the new CASS arrangements published by the regulators. The relatively short list of new rules will impact a wide range of activities across an AO from product development through to post certification activities as well as the obvious areas of centre quality assurance and moderation. The impact of the new rules surprised us a little but we truly hope our first paper in the series helps eases some of the burden for our clients when considering how they will migrate to the new rules.

In particular we hope to inspire our clients and inform their plans by showing how certain rules could be implemented into their processes, as well as outline new features our talented team have added to the system that could help support their CASS strategies and approaches – including some pretty impressive dashboards. And better yet, most are totally free of charge. Another great reason to upgrade to Creatio.

Each month we will cover a core activity and process our clients have to deal with – from onboarding customers, to undertaking self-assessments, to dealing with complaints or appeals. In doing so we identify relevant regulatory requirements and showcase how these could be supported in the system along with features and functionality that will not only transform our clients delivery but provide an array of information to truly inform future business activities and strategies.

At Creatio we love supporting our clients and proactively adding new features to help them meet emerging challenges and developments. It’s one of the many reasons more and more organisations have moved over and upgraded to Creatio and our creatiogreen system.

Whilst this paper is solely for our amazing clients we’d love for you to get in touch to find out more about our CASS features and how your organisations can upgrade to Creatio and creatiogreen.