We are delighted to share that Creatio has been chosen to be a Platinum Supplier for the Federation of Awarding Bodies.

We have been working closely with the Federation since the start of this year and they have just announced that Creatio is now the Federation's official end point assessment and awarding organisation workflow solutions partner.

PSI, a high stakes assessment provider and Advanced Secure Technologies, a certification solutions and secure printing provider were also selected and we will all deliver topical webinars and seminars throughout the year for the Federation and its members about our respective areas of business.

Founder of Creatio Alan Long explains, “We have worked with the Federation and its members - many of whom are also our clients - for over ten years and together we have seen many changes, and the recent regulatory consultations and political developments will undoubtedly lead to many more over the next two years.

“We look forward to using our sector insight and expertise to work collaboratively with members to inform, challenge and inspire new ways of working to help Awarding Organisations and End Point Assessment Organisations meet the changes and challenges ahead.

“Our intuitive workflow solution - creatiogreen - continually evolves throughout the year as delivery models change, new technology or threats emerge or new regulatory requirements are announced, and we are excited about sharing some of these developments and insights with the Federation and its members through this excellent new partnership programme." 

The objectives of the Platinum Partnership programme and funds generated are to:

  • Promote the value and combined strength that a progressive and high functioning awarding and assessment industry contributes positively to the economy (through jobs, skills and productivity) and to social mobility.
  • Lead public debate on issues of importance to the future of learning, education, employment and skills training, as they affect citizens across the United Kingdom.
  • Champion occupational competence and other forms of qualifications, both technical and vocational, and formal assessment within a competitive labour and skills market.
  • Influence key policy-makers and opinion formers, via the promotion and sponsorship of publications and events (public affairs and research programme).

You can find out more about the Platinum Partners programme here: Platinum Partners.

If you would like to discuss creatiogreen with the team please email, info@creatio.org.uk