FAB presents 'EPAO Quality Clinics: Delivering excellence in Apprenticeship EPA'

Creatio are proud to be sponsoring the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB), first EPAO Quality Clinics: Delivering excellence in Apprenticeship EPA this Summer.

The series start on Monday 10th May and runs till July 12th and consists of 8 master classes spanning a wide range of topics relevant to EPAOs with their transition to Ofqual accreditation in time for the first "statement of intent" deadline on 31st July. 

This clinics are delivered by an array of people with proven track records across various areas from applying for Recognition, to helping organisations prepare their delivery and quality assure arrangements and internal Governance controls.  

Creatio’s Managing Director, Alan Long, will be part of the first clinic, scheduled for Monday May 10th, Showing your Identity as an AO/EPAO.

These highly interactive sessions will be hosted by Charlotte Bosworth, FAB Director and Managing Director of Innovate Awarding who will put questions and those of end point assessment organisations going through transition to Ofqual recognition. No question is too daft and you can even ask questions anonymously if you prefer!

For more information about the clinics’ schedules and to book individual or the full series pass, please click here.