Why the name Creatio?

Why the name Creatio?

Selecting a name and associated statement for a company sounds straightforward but it is more difficult that some may believe. Here is how we came up with ours.

When we were forming the company back in 2008 we spent a long time exploring various names and concepts, but nothing seemed appropriate.  We threw around a lot of ideas – some wacky, some dull, some okay but nothing great. Luckily Alan decided to focus on one of our potential strengths, the ability to create a solution and service from scratch based on our own code which we saw as a huge positive due to the versatility it would provide for our future clients.  Then late into the night, helped along by some inspired refreshments, we came across the Latin phrase for “creation from nothing” and the word Creatio.

The word Creatio not only represented the fact we were starting the company with nothing, but it incorporated a creative element which aligned with our drive to develop and deliver truly innovative workflow solutions and service. 

We all agreed it was perfect for us and Creatio Ltd was formed in 2008 - the first and original Creatio CRM/workflow provider!

Since then there have been some other software companies around the world that have used the name Creatio which proves we were onto a winning idea. Recently a large US company has opted to use this same name for their CRM, but as they say, mimicry is the highest form of flattery so we will take this compliment and continue providing our unique solution and service as we have done for the last 12 years.

Why 'Transforming Processes'?

Our tagline ‘Transforming processes” has evolved over the years as the company and our market share grew. We think it reflects the outcomes clients achieve with the creatiogreen software and support from our amazing team. The transformation of their processes.

As our clients will testify – we provide more set-up support and configuration options than our competitors and our customer service levels go considerably further than other IT suppliers.  We strive to work tirelessly for our clients from their very first enquiry and throughout their entire contract, making sure we fully understand their business processes and plans. This means we can help to configure the creatiogreen in the best possible way so they gain the maximum benefit from the incredible range of features and options we provide.


We feel Creatio’s name and strapline are an excellent fit for us, as are our values which we have embedded across the company.

They say it’s all in a name so if you are embarking on coming up with a name for your business, good luck, have fun and try not to force it. It may just come to you in an unexpected moment after a late night refreshment or two!