Who We Are

Creatio in a nutshell...


We are a large team of dedicated professionals working out of our HQ in London and satellite offices in Sheffield and France. All system maintenance and development is managed in-house and we have a dedicated customer service team who make sure each client receives the care and attention they deserve.

Our system was built for awarding organisations (AOs) to help streamline processes, reduce burden and costs, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

We also offer specialist consultancy services for the AO sector and continually evolve our solution and service to meet regulatory and market developments.

We are seen as a trusted, long-term IT partner to many well-known organisations due to our unique products and services; and engaging, fun and supportive team.

Our Client Facing Team


"I head up the business and love to find solutions for clients that help them to be more efficient and compliant, whether that's in relation to our creatiogreen solution or consultancy services.”

Alan Long

"I’m responsible for assisting clients to configure our systems to meet their exact needs and become more effective in all day to day operations."

Rose Ahmed

"I work with clients to make sure we can translate business process into system functionality and help streamline workflows."

Lynsey Harris

"I will be your point of contact on Transform, our help desk, making sure you are kept up to date on the progress of any action you log and keeping resources up to date."

Hazel Drury

"I work with clients to help them understand the system so that together we can incorporate their processes and our functionality to create a system that works for them."

Sam Barnes

"I'm client’s key point of contact throughout the implementation of the creatiogreen system, ensuring they are supported right the way through the process to create a system that works for them while establishing and developing a long-term business relationship."

Amiee Sauls

"I assist the account managers in ensuring client configuration requirements are reflected accurately and work effectively in the client test environment providing a smooth transition from test to live."

Elsa Cousyn

We love face to face meetings, phone introductions and email conversations. If you would like to get in touch please visit our contact us page and choose your preferred path of communication.

Here to help

Our Amazing technical Team


Ed Bramhall
Head of Development
Site foreman
Romain Lucereau
Full Stack Developer
'Techy Frenchy’
Peter Gutkowski
Full Stack Developer
Code Purist
James Long
Full Stack Developer
Reg/Cert Sensei
Rajesh Thippireddy
Full Stack Developer
Database Master
Cameron McLurcan
Full Stack Developer
.Net padawan
Storm Trooper
Security Officer
The Strong One

Creatio Values

Our success as a company had been built around the quality of our delivery and importantly our reputation; which in turn is underpinned by our core values which we embed into our work with clients and day-to-day behaviour. 

Our core values are:



Client Focussed

We put client needs at the front of everything we do. We aim to fully understand your business so we can always work efficiently and effectively.

Always looking for a solution

Our team has a positive ‘can-do’ attitude to solving problems and overcoming issues. There is rarely anything that is truly 'out of scope'.

Be the best

We aim to be the best system on the market and continually strive to increase our solutions and improve our products and services.

Have fun and enjoy

We make work as enjoyable and fun as we can and pride ourselves on having just the right mix of business and pleasure.
We would love to help you improve your organisation

Contact us today to find out more about our solutions and how we can help you. 

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