Established in 2008



19 Staff Members



Locations across UK & EU



2 ISO Accreditations

Meet Our Team

We are a large team of dedicated professionals working all over the UK and France. All system maintenance and development is managed in-house and we have a dedicated customer service team who make sure each client receives the care and attention they deserve.

Business Development

The charmers of the company - leading on marketing, sales, networking and identifying and responding to opportunities. They follow the market, our competitors and external stakeholders ensuring we continue to be seen as the sector leaders.



Alan Long
Managing Director

Alan founded Creatio in 2008. He has over 23 years’ experience in the education sector including working at Pearsons and the regulator QCA. He has worked with over 100 AOs through his time with Creatio through both the consultancy and IT sides of the business.


Client Delivery & Management

 Clients love and value them due to the way they identify, understand and constructively challenge existing practices and processes in the configuration stage, ensuring they maximise the benefits from creatiogreen both initially and going forward.

Lynsey Harris
Head of Client Delivery and Management

Lynsey has worked in the education sector for over 18 years. She has worked at NOCN where she was the key contact with Creatio, using the creatiogreen system as a client for a number of years before she started to work at Creatio in 2017.

Amiee Saul
Account Manager

Amiee has worked in the education sector for a number of years, with experience of both Awarding Organisations and Private Training Providers. She is one of our amazing Account Managers and works with a range of our clients supporting them throughout the implementation of the system.

Sam Barnes
Account Manager

Sam has worked in the education sector for over six years – five of these at NOCN alongside Lynsey where she used creatiogreen in her role. Sam is an Account Manager within Creatio for a number of new and existing clients.


Yvette Boland
Account Manager

Yvette has worked in a variety of education settings over the past 13 years. As a member of the Account Management team Yvette looks after a variety of Clients at different stages of their implementation.


Caitlin Gregg
Account Manager

Caitlin has several years experience in the AO and training sectors. Her previous role was as a Compliance Manager, where she was responsible for risk management. Caitlin is also a trained internal auditor for ISO 9001 and has carried out audits in past workplaces.

Tommy Sharp
Account Management Executive

Tommy joined Creatio in January 2021 as a member of the Account Management Team as an Account Executive. His responsibilities are to provide the best possible support to clients by taking on a variety of tasks.

Corporate Governance & Operations

The guardians of quality - The ones who uphold standards within Creatio leading on our ISO and Cyber Essentials accreditation compliance. Overseeing and managing our company wide financial and staff HR arrangements.

Rose Ahmed
Head of Corporate Governance and Operations

Rose’s career started with her qualifying as a mechanical engineer through a nationally recognised apprenticeship, then worked for a private training provider as a trainer, assessor and verifier, she progressed to working for a large AO as an external verifier and malpractice investigator.


The technical wizards of Creatio, using their amazing and magical skills and intuition to build and maintain the vast range of features in creatiogreen. Also working with our awesome hosting partners iomart and independent pen testers.

Edmond Bramhall
Head of Development

Edmond has been a professional full-stack web application developer for more than 20 years. For the last 11 years he has worked at Creatio, and prior to that was Lead Developer at a number of technology start-ups in various sectors.

Romain Lucereau
Team Leader Configuration

Romain gained Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Software Engineering and has been in the IT and programming world for the past 10 years. He leads on the configuration implementation of your solution.

Rajesh Thippireddy
Senior DBA

Rajesh has 11+ years experience in IT as a SQL DBA. Database maintenance, database performance and reports. Rajesh has been with Creatio for over two years and leads on all database and performance activities.

Cam McLuran
Full Stack Developer

Cameron worked in IT Support and Business Intelligence, and has prior experience in designing and using data warehousing architecture using Microsoft data stack solutions (SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS). His work spans configuration, new developments and security.

Matt Jones
Full Stack Developer

Matt plays a key role in developing some new API interfaces to expand our unique range of services to existing and new clients. After working in various financial testing & applications support roles, Matt completed an MSc in Computing and moved over to development in 2017. 

Tamás Balogh
Full Stack Developer

Tamás has 4+ years of experience in IT as a Desktop and full stack developer. Tamas has been with Creatio for over a year and has been involved in configuration and internal enhancement tasks and is leading on developing some amazing features.

Chris 1
Chris Dermody-Lawrence
Full Stack Developer

Chris has 4+ years in the tech industry, working in Consulting, Development and Data Engineering.
He continues the development and optimization of Creatio products.







Abdul Mudhir
Full Stack Developer

Abdul has been working as an IT tech support associate for the past 4 years. He has recently joined Creatio as a junior full stack developer at Creatio, working alongside great developers/mentors in providing additional features.

Parminder Dhillion
Full Stack Developer

Parminder comes from a front-end development background and has worked with various clients to help build and design their websites. He started at Creatio in 2021 as a fullstack developer and will be working on both the frontend and back-end side of the project.

Creatio Values

Our success as a company has been built around the quality of our delivery and importantly our reputation; which in turn is underpinned by our core values which we embed into our work with clients and day-to-day behaviour. 

These values and the amazing people here within the team have helped us to create a fun, professional and committed culture that is reflected internally but also recognised and loved by our clients and their feedback and support.


Client Focussed
We put client needs at the front of everything we do. We aim to fully understand your business so we can always work efficiently and effectively.


Always Looking for a Solution
Our team has a positive 'can-do' attitude to solving problems and overcoming issues. There is rarely anyhting that is truly 'out of scope'.


Be The Best
We aim to be the best system on the market and continually strive to increase our solutions and improve our products and services.
Have Fun and Enjoy
We make work as enjoyable and fun as we can and pride ourselves on having just the right mix of business and pleasure.

Creatio - A Great Place to Work

We continually strive to make working for Creatio and with our clients as enjoyable as possible and the well-being of our staff, their families and lives are truly as important to us as their contributions to work. Therefore, in 2022 we introduced a reduced working week, which means staff work in effect four days a week or five shorter days with no loss of pay or impact on the support we provide to our amazing clients.

Furthermore, we know that embracing different perspectives and celebrating diversity makes Creatio a great place to work and helps foster innovation and make better decisions as a business.

As part of our approach to being a socially diverse and a responsible company who puts equality and well-being at the heart of our operations, we have signed-up to the following schemes:

LW_logo_LW employer only_0         dc_badge1-1          Covenant banner-1.        ME Logo (Blue)

You can find more information about how Creatio makes a great place to work in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.


The Story Behind Our Name

Creatio Logo


Why the name creatio?

When we were forming the company back in 2008 we spent a long time exploring various names and concepts, but nothing seemed appropriate. We threw around a lot of ideas until Alan decided to focus on one of our potential strengths - the ability to create a solution and service from scratch based on our own code - which we saw as a strength due to the versatility it would provide. From this concept we came across the Latin phrase for “creation from nothing” and the word Creatio.


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