Creatio provides more than 'just' best-of-breed software and amazing support. We also offer specialist, proven AO consultancy services.

We understand your business challenges, and we’ll gladly use our unparalleled industry expertise and experience with working with over 80 AOs to help you solve them!

Here’s how you can benefit from our consultancy services:

If you’re working to obtain AO Recognition from Ofqual and other regulators, we can help.

We’ve guided more organisations through the process than any other company – and our fees are contingent on your success!

Do you need to identify your level of regulatory compliance?

We undertake independent audits of Awarding Organisations all the time to help inform their statements of compliance.

Are you facing regulatory difficulties?

An audit, an investigation, or sanctions? We’ll work with you to help navigate and mitigate those threats.

You can also receive ad-hoc advice and support from us

On anything from ongoing training, to complying with regulatory requests, or applying new regulatory requirements.


We would love to help your organisation with your approach to regulatory compliance.

Contact us today to find out more about our consultancy services and how we can help you.

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