The Learner Registration and Certification module supports the end-to-end learner registration and certification process and has been designed for both large and small AO’s.  It has a variety of powerful and simple to use features to support centres in registering learners and claiming achievements in different ways depending on their personal preference and/or the size of the learner cohorts.


Goes Much Further

As well as the core activities of registration and certification, centres can also make reasonable adjustment and special consideration requests as well as uploading evidence per assessed component, scheduling exams and access automatically aligned invigilation reports.


Enforces Your Qualification Rules

This module links to the qualification development module so your products are automatically set-up and ready to take on learners – with the system effortlessly enforcing the associated achievement and grading rules.


Transforms Your Quality Assurance Approach

The module is embedded alongside the centre management module to effortlessly bring together your centre management and monitoring arrangements with learner registration information. This means your quality assurance staff have up to date and real-time information on registered learners and current grades in their sampling or moderation activities. Any decisions they make during these visits relating to amending or agreeing grades automatically ripple back to the learner’s record.

Utilising your data

The module is underpinned by our REST-based API so you can seamlessly integrate the module with other systems, such as your exam and finance systems. 


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