Supporting You

One of our pillars of growth over the years has been our incredible team, their approach and the support they provide to our amazing clients.

We operate in a unique way within this sector – we do not simply build and deploy a client’s current processes to meet the brief, we set out to understand your key requirements and pain points so we can suggest new ways of working in the configuration and set-up stage of the project.

From the moment you sign the contract

We will organise a programme of meetings to help and support you during the configuration process and provide you with access to our intuitive configuration tool. This allows you to amend and enhance the good-practice templates and associated workflows we provide to suit your business processes.

Experienced AO Account Manager

We will also assign you an experienced AO Account Manager to help you through the process as well as the go-live arrangements. All our account managers have worked for AO’s and understand your business challenges, terminology and the context within which you operate, providing you with real-life solutions and advice.

Robust and easy to use tools

Our amazing development team will also assist you through the migration of data from your legacy systems - and again we have built some robust and easy to use tools to help with this complex and critical process - as well as helping you to utilise our secure REST based API options.

Understand your plans for the future

Once live we arrange regular keep in touch meetings to review your progress, get feedback and understand your plans for the future. These meetings enable us to evolve the system and service to meet your needs as well as update you on our developments which may help you to address sector changes or improve aspects of your existing processes.

Free updates

In addition to the free updates we provide to all clients throughout the year, you will also have a number of ‘free days’ to use on changes you wish to make – for example to make changes to your centre visit form or centre agreement.

Unique Helpdesk Portal

You’ll have access to our incredibly responsive support team through our unique helpdesk portal called Transform. You can use it to track interactions with us, access User Guides and tips, review Release Notes, and much more.

We would love to help you improve your organisation

Contact us today to find out more about our solutions and how we can help you. 

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