Product Development

The Qualification Development module can support any product type, both regulated and non-regulated and helps underpin and evidence your development process to the regulators by enabling you to record rationales, decisions and evidence all in one place.


Powerful Qualification Tool

As well as supporting the auditable development of each qualification, it has a powerful qualification design tool that helps you structure your products easily and an incredibly flexible grading tool that can support pretty much any grading model.


Real-time Profile

The module also provides a full, real-time profile of each qualification and its use across centres and associated processes – such as how often it may have appeared in a complaint, appeal or investigation.


Secure Document Access and Delivery

Enables you to produce support materials at the press of a button and make your materials available to some/all centres – such as key qualification updates - with an audit trail of who accepted and/or downloaded it and when.

Auditable Development

Provides a clear audit trail of each development whilst enforcing your internal process rules.

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