May The Portal Be With You

So here it is folks, a bit more about our new Learner Portal - we'll be publishing a dedicated page with additional information on the website in the coming weeks alongside showcasing the Portal at FAB's EPA 2023 event. 
Supports different delivery models and creates new opportunities
The Portal has been designed with flexibility in mind in order to support a wide range of client types and delivery and business models.  
The Portal can be integrated into your wider creatiogreen offering to deliver a single integrated solution for your Products and customers or provided as a separate environment. The Portal's intuitive design means iIt can even be part of your main creatiogreen offering but configured to only support a distinct set of Products and services - giving the look and feel of two different systems yet still bringing all your data and reporting together to inform business decisions.
You determine whether it is used solely as a coherent Centre and Learner based platform, a Membership platform and/or a CPD based platform. Also how Users gain access such as:
  • When Learners are registered by a Centre onto a Product and need access to the Portal to complete their Learning and/or view progress and results.
  • By creating an account direct from your site to browse your Product Library and register on Products and/or to join your Membership scheme.
  • By invitation only to undertake specific activities.
The Portal even supports hybrid models where some Products are only offered via centres and some only direct to Learners to self study. It can even support Products which are offered via either route. Opening up possibilities for organisations to offer a wide range of Products and delivery models.
Whatever your needs, our team will go through the options with you pre-contract to agree and document the scope and features you require for your business.
Intuitive and engaging user interface 
The Portal's user interface is designed with user friendliness in mind and comes with a number of configurable options to help you tailor it to your organisation's terminology and brand. This includes, if required, the system name, URL and even the address used to send out email notifications and reminders. 
It's been designed with easy and efficient configuration options to enable you to go-live quickly. You'll be supported by our experienced team throughout - including with your data migration and any additional integrations you require. 
Product and Resource Libraries 
Your end-users will be able to effortlessly browse your Product Library to find information and guidance on the Products that best meet their needs and career and progression aspirations.    
Users can also browse your Resource Library to access other relevant updates, policies and information. They will also be able to set their notification preferences so they are kept up to date and informed on new sector and industry developments, Products and services.  
Empowered and flexible learning
Once an individual is registered on a Product - whether direct or via a Centre - they will be able to securely access course and Learning materials, engage with your staff or Centre staff in relation to their Learning journey, book and undertake assessments, upload evidence for review, address actions and tasks as well as view their progress and results.  
They can also initiate and submit enquiries and requests (eg for Special Considerations or Reasonable Adjustments) and so much more. With the range of options, workflows and notification settings configurable by your team to reflect your needs and scope.
Results and certificates 
creatiogreen already streamlines the results and certification processes for our clients with a range of features such as e-certificates which are immediately available to download by Centres and/or can be emailed direct to Learners - it also supports public validations of certificates by employers, education centres and others. 
Now, with the Portal, Learners can view their grades and results once they are released, access and download their achievement transcripts and certificates - even securely share access to their achievements to external employers or other interested parties for a specified purpose and time.
They can even initiate post result actives such as result enquiries, appeals, or request hard copy and/or replacement certificates
Enhance your commercial model and return on investment
The above is only a quick introduction into some of the different options within the Portal. We haven't even started to tell you about the range of exciting features aimed at continually engaging users with your business to help them with their learning and career progression and helping your business grow and succeed further!
So watch out for future updates and don't forget to get in touch in the meantime to arrange your demo and to hear about the Portal's incredible price!