Meet the Team: Behind the Scenes - Lynsey

Greetings and a warm welcome to our third edition of the Meet the Team series! I am Paloma and I will be conducting an interview with the incomparable Lynsey this month. 

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Shall we start with your Creatio experience?


Lynsey Harris  


Head of Client Delivery and Management

What is your role at Creatio?

My main role is to manage and support the Account Management team, who support our clients with both the configuration and delivery of the creatiogreen system. I am also involved in the planning of new developments for both clients and internal enhancements, working closely with the Head of Development and Managing Director to look at new opportunities for how we can enhance the system to improve usability for Clients and their Centres.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy working with clients to identify how they can use the system to help improve their processes, as well as working with the team to develop new ideas to developer the system, always with the aim of improving the User’s experience.

What’s your background?

I have worked in Adult Education for over 21 years, from being an Assessor and Verifier, to working at an Adult Education charity being a trainer and then working at an Awarding Body, managing the Operations and Customer support teams. This involved overseeing the systems being used and processes in place, as well as setting up Qualifications and managing the data. This has all help with my role at Creatio, as I am able to understand and interpret Client’s processes and help them map over to how the functionality within the system can be used to improve their day to day operations.

What energises you at work?

Helping people, by being able to provide solutions and seeing how this will have a beneficial effect.

 And now is where the fun starts and you get to meet us a bit more in depth!

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What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I have 2 boys, aged 12 and 10, so am often stood on the side line supporting them at a football match or playing racket ball or whatever other sport we fancy. I go to weekly exercise classes and at weekends I don’t like to sit still for long, so we are always doing some activities from swimming, walking, cycling or just meeting friends and family. I also enjoy time away, as nice to get away and see new things.

What is the most interesting/unique or fun fact about you?

I once met Kelly Slater whilst I was learning to surf in New Zealand, but I had no idea who he was

Your most “useless” skill.

I can do a Donald Duck impression!?! I am also able to juggle.

What do you think about Star Wars? Have you watched the movies?

I have seen the new ones, mainly due to kids wanting to watch them. I do not have the same level of fascination about them as Alan does! I am more of an easy watching kind of film girl, so Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect.

Are you a Spurs fan?

I haven’t been converted since working at Creatio! We have been fortunate to be able to recently watch a match though, and thankfully they won. We are supporters of local teams in the house, so Rotherham United and Sheffield Wednesday.

Your favourite podcasts/books/albums you can’t stop listening or talking about.

I do love a podcast when I’m walking or driving. I mainly listen to crime based ones, with Serial being my favourite. I read most nights, and read a range of things, with my favourite author being Jojo Moyes.


And that is it for our third edition! Thank you for joining us in this monthly series of "Meet the Team: Behind the Scenes".