Meet the Team: Behind the Scenes - Yvette

Welcome everyone to the fifth edition of our Meet the Team series! I am Paloma, and today I am thrilled to introduce you to Yvette, one of our beloved Account Managers. In this interview, we will see Yvette's responses to our question rounds. Let's begin!


Let's start with her Creatio experience:


Yvette Boland 


Account Manager 

What is your role at Creatio? 

I am a member of the Account Management team who look after all of our Clients. We take Clients through the Configuration of our system, to implementation and beyond. We work closely with Clients to understand their needs and processes whilst being mindful of any Regulatory requirements. Each member of the team also looks after internal projects to drive improvement, whilst also working together on ideas and implementations for the system. We also test everything that is pushed through the system from new developments, to changes to anything a Client needs in a release. 

What’s your favourite part of your job?

When you see Clients ‘get it’ and really start to see their system improving their Organisation, I know I have done my job then. 

What’s your background?

I began my life within the Education sector as a Secondary School teacher and then moved into the world of Awarding Organisations. Luckily, the first AO I worked for was also the first EPAO on the register (or AAO as they were known at the time). My experience in two AO/ EPAOs as Operations and Quality Manager really helps me to understand some of the bug bears that our Clients experience. 

What energises you at work?

A good background playlist in my office. Got to love a throwback Thursday with lots of pop punk on! Also, the randomness of the team sometimes. They always know how to make me laugh. 

 Interesting! But now let's get to know you a bit more in depth!


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I have a 6 year old boy, so being a mum and a wife takes up a huge part of my life. But I love to dance, vintage things and music. So, we spend time at gigs, theatre, vintage fairs or just dancing around the house and garden, because…why not!

What is the most interesting/unique or fun fact about you? 

I have had some interesting jobs when I was younger, which include; working for a music management company as a Production Manager, so I have met and worked with lots of famous faces. I have also been a stilt walker and fire performer. 

Your most “useless” skill.

I can bend my thumb back to touch my wrist. 

What do you think about Star Wars? Have you watched the movies?

Oh I have, my Husband is a massive Star Wars geek, so I had no choice in the matter!

Are you a Spurs fan?

Afraid not. Unfortunately, I am a Bradford City fan (long family history there)…someone has to be!

Your favourite podcasts/books/albums you can’t stop listening or talking about.

I’m a huge Foo Fighter’s fan so I’m eagerly awaiting their new album. I love an autobiography and I am currently reading Billy Connelly’s. Also another book which is semi auto biographical called Tired and Tested written by comedian Sophie McCartney- which I would recommend to anyone who’s a Mum if you want a good laugh. 

And with that, we conclude our fourth edition of the "Meet the Team: Behind the Scenes" monthly series. We sincerely appreciate your engagement. Thank you for joining us!

We conclude our fifth edition of the "Meet the Team: Behind the Scenes" monthly series. We are immensely grateful to our readers. Thank you all for joining us on this series and I hope you're enjoying getting to know our exceptional team members. Stay tuned for our next edition!