The Future Of Apprenticeships

The Future of Apprenticeships

We’re delighted to have recently sponsored the Future of Apprenticeships Virtual Conference. We are FAB’s Platinum Supplier for AO and EPAO Workflow Solutions, and have been supporting FAB since 2008 and therefore, wanted to be a part of this special event.

The conference featured nearly 40 speakers from policy leaders and peers across five stages.  A link to buy tickets to access the content is :

As we’ve seen this year, so much has changed, and is still going to change. As a business we have worked hard to stay on top of industry developments in order to help our clients navigate these tricky times. We’ve recently released our first Inspire Series paper - all about how the new CASS Rules will affect processes, and how our system supports all aspects of this. The extensive paper offers our clients tips on how to use various features and how the team at Creatio can support them through this new regulatory setup.

We’ve also been posting on LinkedIn recently about our monthly release notes - the new features we add according to client feedback and our amazing team at Creatio - who always spot ways to continually add more and more amazing features to support our incredible clients. Alongside investing in growing our wonderful team to keep up the pace of all we’re doing, we really want our clients to feel supported in these times.

All of this has seen us expand our client base this year, which we’re obviously extremely happy about... but we want to go further. With events such as the Future of Apprenticeships conference it highlights how organisations in the education sector need support and guidance to navigate the new regulatory requirements, Ofqual updates and procedures, and a big topic from this year’s conference will be the introduction of Ofqual regulation for all End Point Assessment Organisations. We’ve therefore put a lot of energy and focus into having a system that supports all of this, and makes the workflows more manageable, time-efficient and cost-effective.

If you’d like to find out how we have helped more people gain AO recognition than anyone else, or want to discuss how the creatiogreen system can help address and support developments/trends you heard about at the Future of Apprenticeships Conference then we’d love to hear from you. 

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